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Valdelentisco PlantDesalination is a process that separates most of the salts dissolved in a saline solution. There are several different techniques used to this aim, however the most extended one is Reverse Osmosis desalination. High pressure water is pumped through semi-permeable membranes that separate water and salts. The energetic efficiency in the desalination process has developed significantly in the last years rendering Reverser Osmosis the best alternative.

Cadagua enjoys a well-deserved reputation as one of the first companies in the world in the field of seawater desalination through reverse osmosis.

Relevant projects of the nature of Madinat Yanbu (Saudi Arabia) 50,400 m3/d, Dhekelia (Cyprus) 60,000 m3/d and Aguilas Guadalentín (Spain) 210,000 m³/d, consolidate Cadagua’s ranking in the international market.


How works a Reverse Osmosis desalination plant?