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Two children in the seaCadagua’s activity started in the context of a society with a growing concern about the conservation of the natural resources. Being consistent with this concern we have to demonstrate our capability to obtain a high quality in our activities, a high level of environmental protection within the frame of a sustainable development and fully compliance with our health and safety policy for all the stakeholders. Thus, we will be able to respect our environment while satisfying our present needs without compromising the planet’s resources.

To this aim, Cadagua has implemented an Integrated Quality, Environment, Energy and R&D&i System standardized, hereinafter, the System, according to international UNE-EN ISO 9001, UNE-EN ISO 14001 y UNE-EN ISO 50001 Standards and the Spanish UNE 166002 Standard. The System is based on a systematic control of those of our activities which may affect quality, health and safety, environment and R&D&i, such as:

  • Design, Construction, Start-up and Commissioning of Water Treatment Plants and Thermal Drying of Biosolids
  • Operation and Maintenance of Water Treatment Plants and Thermal Drying of Biosolids
  • Quality Control of water for human consumption, and wastewater and industrial water
  • R&D&i projects in hydrology for water quality and engineering and environmental technology for wastewater, water regeneration, drinking water and desalination.

Sustainable development, quality and health and safety, are the premises upon which our activities are based.

The principle of the Integrated Quality and Environment System is based on the Policy of Quality, Environment and Energy and the R&D&i Policy, which describe Cadagua’s commitments to a sustainable development. This principle is mainly preventive and is based on the previous identification and planning of activities relevant to quality, health and safety or linked to important environmental aspects (including significant uses of energy) or to R&D&i, to undertake their implementation according to the established criteria.

These activities are subject to a systematic and documented control to the purpose of contrasting some requirements previously specified with the real results obtained during the performance of the works (inspections and tests).

The System has been subject to a certification process by the certifying entity SGS. Likewise, the said system is internally audited by a team of qualified auditors, not involved in the production process