Madrid Excelente renewal

The Community of Madrid renews the use of the Madrid Excelente guarantee mark by Ferrovial for a period of three years, certifying its management quality and excellence.

Once more, Cadagua contributes to the renewal of Ferrovial in its use of the Madrid Excelente guarantee mark for another three-year period. This seal was granted to the company towards the end of 2010, distinguishing Ferrovial with the guarantee mark of the Government of the Community of Madrid. This seal acknowledges and certifies the quality and excellence in company management, in order to encourage competitiveness at the core of the business.

Some aspects, such as innovation, continuous improvement, social responsibility, customer satisfaction, personnel policies and active contribution to the economic and social development of Madrid, are taken into account when granting and renewing this distinction.

The Madrid Excelente seal can be used as a supporting or reinforcing hallmark when processing tenders or bids, therefore providing a competitive advantage to the company.

The Madrid Excelente mark of distinction represents the trust of consumers, the acknowledgement of society as a whole and the backing by the Community of Madrid itself.

The certificate is available for download at the following link: