Cadagua takes part in the Technical Conference on Membranes in Portugal

Last Wednesday 7th February, a technical conference was held at the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu (Portugal) on membrane treatments both regarding con drinking water and wastewater. The conference was promoted by Águas do Norte, a company of the Águas de Portugal Group, the entity managing the water treatment installations in the northern area of the country.

The conference was attended by almost 200 technicians from Portuguese public entities and private companies related to the water sector.

The content of the conference was based on the water shortage problem in Portugal and how membrane technologies can be used to obtain quality reusable water, both for agricultural/industrial use and for human consumption.

Cadagua took part in the conference with a presentation centred on the comparison between the construction and O&M costs of a WWTP with MBR treatment and a conventional WWTP.

Throughout the day of the conference there was a visit to the Viseu Sul WWTP, built and commissioned by Cadagua and Ferrovial-Agromán, where those attending had the chance to see the workings of MBR treatment designed with a capacity for 20,000 m3/day.