PLW Waterworks awarded Baytown Area Water Authority MGD Surface Treatment Plant Project

PLW Waterworks, LLC, owned by Cadagua & Webber, , was selected by the Baytown Area Water Authority (BAWA) to construct a new 6 MGD Surface Treatment Plant for the community. The completed project will cost about $46 million and will be led by Area Manager David Brown.

The BAWA project work consists of a raw water intake, screens and a forebay. Crews will also construct a low lift pump station, which moves high volumes of water at relatively low discharge pressures. Additional production includes a rapid mix basin, pulsed bed clarifier and a disinfection basin. The project will take about 36 months to complete.

“The Baytown Area Water Authority project will help the City of Baytown meet new surface water usage rules by treating up to six million gallons of surface water from the CIWA canal to clean, potable water for residents,” said Atul Raj, president of PLW Waterworks. “With the growing need for local municipalities to look at more diverse water sources and solutions to offset dwindling ground water sources, PLW Waterworks has expertise in water reclamation, treatment and desalination to help prepare for increasing water demands.”