Cadagua in the XII AEDyR Congress

Cadagua has actively participated in the XII Congress of AEDyR, the Spanish Association of Desalination and Reuse. This year Cadagua has made an important technical contribution to this prestigious international forum. Last Thursday, October 25, Javier Arrieta and José María, both belonging to the R+D+i department, gave two conferences under the titles “DAF + UF pretreatment a year managing TEPs in the absence of Algae Blooms” and “Research Platform for the optimization of the seawater desalination process by means of reverse osmosis “.

The objective of this international forum is to gather experts in desalination, reuse and water treatment in contact with companies, public institutions, universities and research centers, in order to present the latest innovations in research and development in these fields, fostering dialogue, collaboration and the exchange of experiences