CADAGUA presents at CONAMA 2018 – RUMBO 20.30.


During the last week of November the fourteenth National Congress of the Environment was held in Madrid with the motto RUMBO 20.30 .; thus launching a message to advance sustainability.

Cadagua actively participated in the Technical Session 20 “Water and Adaptation to Climate Change” with a presentation by Francisco del Molino, Director of Quality, Environment and R + D + i of Cadagua, about the adaptation of a built infrastructure, in particular, a seawater desalination plant, for the purposes of climate change.

This talk revealed the effects over time that climate change will bring, such as the increase in temperature, the decrease in rainfall, extreme events and the increase in sea level, among others. These effects will occur to a greater or lesser extent depending on their probability, and it was also seen how they would affect a seawater desalination plant in the Mediterranean Sea, making it vulnerable or not depending on their management plans for these risks or measures that should be carried out so that this infrastructure meets the objectives for which it was built.