Cadagua completes the execution works for the assembly and commissioning of a Pilot Plant in the DWTP of Ceuta

CADAGUA, has successfully completed the work contracted by ACEMSA (AGUAS DE CEUTA EMPRESA MUNICIPAL S.A.) related to the implementation, assembly and commissioning, of a PILOT PLANT in the DWTP of the Autonomous City of Ceuta, during March 2019.

The awarded contract consisted in the execution of the Works associated with the implementation of the Pilot Plant: engineering, civil works, structure and roof, hydraulic installations, installation of equipment, electrical installations and control systems and commissioning for the plant.

The water entering the DWTP have up to three different origins, with different values ​​of pH, alkalinity and concentrations of contaminants.

The purpose of the project was therefore to build a Pilot Water Treatment Plant to know the performance of the chemical reagents needed in the potabilization process considering the different raw waters. In addition, the elimination or reduction of contaminants from the sources is sought through the optimization of the process and reagents used.

This Pilot Plant will be used as a basis for future R&D studies in collaborations both of ACEMSA and joint projects with CADAGUA-FERROVIAL.


With this project, CADAGUA strengthens its leadership position as a reference company in the Autonomous City of Ceuta, where it also currently performs the Operation and Maintenance of the Ceuta Desalination Plant, in which the Construction and Expansion Project also participated.