Cadagua, continuing with our policy of protecting intangible assets, has registered its successful technology for Anaerobic Digestion of Sludge HEATAMIX. Its efficiency, advantages and robustness has been widely proven in more than 55 digesters installed in multiple municipal treatment plants with unitary volumes of up to 11,000 m3. Among its most notable advantages:


  • Absence of mobile elements within the digesters
  • Absence of submerged bearings
  • Great mixing performance
  • High heating efficiency as it is not necessary to extract the sludge from the digester to heat exchangers located in a separate building
  • Lower energy consumption by avoiding the pumping and transfer of sludge

The Registered Heatamix system is composed of a series of combined units of mixing and heating. The mixing is carried out by means of an “air-lift” effect by injection of biogas and heating by hot water in an outer jacket to the mixing tube.