The Waste Water Treatment Entity of The Region of Murcia, ESAMUR, has awarded Cadagua the expansion works of the MBR of WWTP Águilas.

The purpose of the works is to expand the biological treatment capacity, where the permeate capacity will be doubled, from 1.800 to 3.600 m3 / d.

The different actions planned in the project include the execution of the civil works of a new membranes chamber and the disassembly, carry, assembly and commissioning of ultrafiltration modules and auxiliary equipment from other WWTP out of service. In addition, it will be carried out the adaptation of the primary decanters as lamination tanks, with the removal of existing mechanical equipment, supply of high efficiency submersible mixers and a new pumping line to the MBR. The MBR´s biological reactor will be connected to the new membranes tank by a channel with a penstock and the aeration diffusers will be replaced to optimize its operation and energy efficiency.

The new low voltage installation, as well as the updating and integration of the equipment, control and automation are also included in the scope of the project.

Águilas has a particular seasonal influence because its population is intensely increased in holidays, spring and summer, so the speediness in the execution and keep in service the current treatment capacity during construction are the fundamental premises in this project.

Cadagua continues involved in WWTPs upgrading to optimize reuse and contribute to environment improve and the fight against climate change.