Bolueta Pilot Plant

The Bolueta Pilot Plant is an ambitious research project led by the Consorcio de Aguas de Bilbao Bizkaia.

Cadagua is designing and building the facility and will operate it using the BIM (Building Information Modeling) philosophy. Amongst its many technological objectives, the plant shall analyze the future behavior of the DWTP of Venta Alta in the treatment of Emerging Contaminants.

Type of treatment

Pre-ozone treatment, Pre-chlorination, Disinfection, Potassium permanganate, Physical-chemical, Settling, Sand filtering, Active carbon filtering, Post-ozone treatment, UV disinfection, Disinfection, Potassium permanganate.

Main features

Location: Vizcaya, Spain

Capacity: 150 m3/day

Year: 2018