Varsovia Centralny

Modernization of the Centralny DWTP, the oldest plant of this type in Warsaw, which has supplied more than half the capital’s population since 1886. The plant was designed and built for a flow of 300,000 m3/d, and is the second largest installation in the city.

It is also an iconic benchmark for the sector, an example of which was its award as Historic Monument granted to Filtering Buildings by the President of the Republic in 2012.

Another aspect of its exceptional scale in European terms is the combination of modern technologies with operational elements that are still operative, and which has complied with guarantees for over 125 years.

Type of treatment

Pumping station, pulsating sludge blanket clarifiers, fast sand filters, coagulation (aluminium sulphate), dosing of calcium hydroxide, pH correction (sulphuric acid), dosing of sodium cilicate, dosing of active carbon in powder form.

Main features

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Capacity: 300.000 m3/day

Year: 2015