Arroyo Culebro

The size and type of processes used in the WWTP of Arroyo Culebro Cuenca Media Alta makes it one of the major benchmarks in Cadagua’s portfolio.

Located in the basin of the river Manzanares, in the municipality of Pinto, it treats the waste waters of Parla and Fuenlabrada. It can treat up to 129,600 m3/d and produce 30,240 m3/d of regenerated water for reuse in irrigating parks and gardens.

An outstanding feature is its two-stage biological treatment with biological removal of nitrogen and phosphorus, its 4 secondary clarifiers of 50 meters in diameter, and the energy recovery of biogas produced by anaerobic digestion to supply a considerable part of the energy required for the WWTP.

Type of treatment

Two-stage biological, tertiary, sand filtration, disinfection, anaerobic digestion, cogeneration.

Main features

Location: Madrid, Spain

Equivalent population: 1.224.720

Capacity: 129.600 m3/day

Year: 2006