Chorzów Klimzowiec (Modernisation)

Extension and modernization of the “Klimzowiec” WWTP, located just outside two cities, Chorzów (mechanical part of the treatment) and Katowice (biological treatment with biological nutrients removal, and sludge treatment). The plant is one of the biggest in Poland and serves about 200,000 inhabitants.

Thanks to this project and the technologies used there, the Klimzowiec WWTP is now a modern plant that complies with the highest technical, building and automation standards in the waste water treatment sector. The current cogeneration generates enough heat for over 90% of the total demand of the plant, and produces electrical energy to cover more than 70% of the electricity demand for the process.

Type of treatment

Biological treatment of activated sludge with elimination of N and P, Anaerobic Digestion, Cogeneration.

Main features

Localización: Chorzow, Poland

Población equivalente: 200.727

Capacidad: 45.300 m3/día

Año final: 2011