The waste water treatment plant of Galindo, in Sestao, is without doubt one of the largest sanitation projects completed by the Consorcio de Aguas de Bilbao-Bizkaia.

Cadagua was a major stakeholder in some of the most important phases in its evolution and growth.

These include the design and completion of the complex and versatile secondary treatment system, including the rectangular secondary clarifiers and the completion of one of its sludge incineration facilities. This WWTP now treats 350,000 m3 of waste waters and it is an essential part of the infrastructures used to regenerate the waters in the Ria de Bilbao.

Type of treatment

Biological treatment of activated sludge with elimination of N.

Main features

Location: Vizcaya, Spain

Equivalent population: 1.000.000

Capacity: 345.600 m3/day

Year: 2002