Janowek – Wroclaw

Extension and redesign of the Wrocław WWTP, project with 2 major features:

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPROVEMENT: a major contribution has been made by stoping the environmental degradation of the river Odra, and therefore of the Baltic Sea, obtaining better quality treated water with more stringent guarantees. The plant has also increased efficiency thanks to the cogeneration installed that makes use of the plant biogas to cover up to 70% of the electrical energy demand for its operations.

MAJOR CONSTRUCTION WORKS: The size of the project can be seen in the figures and results: Six (6) 25 m high digesters and a unitary volume of 6,500 m3 or 48.7 mil. m3 of concrete used in the building work.
Results: The Wrocław Waste Water Treatment Plant won the 10th “Lower Silesia Building Project of the Year” award in the category “Building Engineering Infrastructures” in 2013, and the award “Building of the Year 2012” in the category “Waste water treatment”.

Type of treatment

Biological treatment of activated sludge with elimination of N and P, Anaerobic Digestion, Thermal Drying, Cogeneration.

Main features

Location: Wroclaw, Poland

Equivalent population: 1.050.000

Capacity: 120.000 m3/day

Year: 2012