Rincón de León

Since 2006, the treatment plant of Rincón de Leon has an advanced, complete tertiary treatment system that enables up to 30 cubic hectometres of treated waste water to be reused per year.

The water are used to supply the irrigation network for the farms of l´Alcanti and the Medio Vinalopó. The treatment combines physical-chemical systems, continuous sand filtration, ultrafiltration using submerged hollow fiber membranes, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light.

It is one of the most important benchmarks in reuse that has been designed, built and operated by Cadagua to date.

Type of treatment

Ultrafiltration (UF), Reverse osmosis.

Main features

Location: Alicante, Spain

Equivalent population: 200.000

Capacity: 50.000 m3/day

Year: 2006