Siedlce WWTP thermal sludge drying

Design and extension of a new Sludge Thermal Drying and Cogeneration facility in the WWTP of Siedlce.

Cadagua did an excellent job with this facility, achieving an exact balance between the production of energy coming from the use of biogas and that produced by natural gas in the four cogeneration units, thereby fulfilling the demands of the process in terms of electricity and thermal needs.

The WWTP also obtained “green” and “yellow” energy concessions, which means an additional source of revenue.
The Sludge Thermal Drying Facility designed and built by Cadagua met with the client’s objectives and is a landmark installation that runs efficiently throughout its production of 8,000 h/year.

Type of treatment

Thermal Drying.

Main features

Location: Siedlce, Polonia

Equivalent population: 175.000

Capacity: 14.235 T/year

Year: 2015