Tomaszow Mazowiecki

Extension and modernization of the Tomaszów Mazowiecki WWTP, which consists of building a new WWTP, replacing the discharge manifold between the WWTP and the plant of approx. 1.3 km length, and upgrading the sludge line of the WWTP with a thermal drying system.

The plant is located in an highly sensitive ecosystem, surrounded by forests and crossed by a dense network of rivers next to areas protected under the Natura 2000, it was awarded the prestigious environmental prize of the Polish Ecology Pantheon.

The unique nature of this WWTP is the technology of moving bed biofilm reactors (MBBR) used in the biological treatment, where the biofilm formed in the carrying medium enables a high level of nitrification of waste waters at a temperature of 8°C.

The plant has a continuous monitoring system, which enables dynamic analysis and operational updating of the biological section of the WWTP. The system runs autonomously, in parallel and in a complementary manner to the SCADA control system of the WWTP.

Type of treatment

Pre-treatment, primary settling, secondary treatment with activated biological sludge, thermal drying.

Main features

Location: Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Poland

Equivalent population: 126.950

Capacity: 12.000 m3/day

Year: 2016