Cobega IWWTP

The COBEGA plant is a clear example of how Cadagua continues to be a leader in the design, construction and operation of industrial waste water treatment plants.

Thanks to the collaboration with PAQUES BV, the implementation in the system of the Anaerobic Reactor (IC BIOPAQ®) enables flows with a high biodegradable organic matter content to be treated in a reduced footprint and at low energy costs.

Cobega IWWTP sends part of the treated water to maintain the Lagoon of Can Fenosa, which has enabled it to recover its aquatic species and bird life.

Type of treatment

Anaerobic bioreactor (IC BIOPAQ®), Biological activated sludge, UV treatment.

Contracting Organisation


Main features

Location: Catalonia, Spain

Equivalent population: 80.000

Capacity: 2.400 m3/day

Years: 11