Plant belonging to the sanitation system of the city of Madrid whose supply is produced by two pumps from two collectors.

The maximum treatment capacity is 6 m3/sec in primary treatment and 3 m3/sec in biological treatment.

It has an installed cogeneration power of 1.9 Mw using biogas motors. The tertiary treatment for water reuse has a maximum capacity of 900 m3/h, including for the pumping station to feed the reused water grid of the City Government of Madrid.

Type of treatment

Primary, Biological treatment of activated sludge with elimination of nutrients (pre-anoxic, anaerobic, anoxic, oxic zones), coprecipitation of phosphorus, anaerobic digestion, cogeneration and tertiary treatment for reuse (physical-chemical, sand and disc filtration, UV+hypochlorite disinfection).

Main features

Location: Madrid, Spain

Equivalent population: 950.000

Capacity: 172.800 m3/day

Years: June 2009 April 2013