Located in the tail of the sanitation system of the city of Madrid, it is the largest plant in the region.

It has a treatment capacity of 12 m3/sec in primary and up to 6 m3/sec in biological processes, assisted by a regulating tank of 63,000 m3 to balance flows to the biological system.

Installed electrical power generation of 6.5 Mw with biogas motor-generators and hydraulic turbines. It also has the first plant installed in Spain for recovering struvite.

All the sludge from the WWTP is sent to the SUR Thermal Drying plant in the same premises, with an evaporation capacity of 27 Ton H2O/hour and operated by a company that Cadagua also participates in.

Type of treatment

Primary, Regulating tank, Biological activated sludge, Elimination.

Main features

Location: Madrid, Spain

Equivalent population: 2.000.000

Capacity: 518.400 m3/day

Years: From 1994 to 2007 in different contracts. Last period from April 2013 to August 2016 and new contract from September 2016 for 4 years.