The WWTP was built in 1997 and started operation in 2004.

In September 2012, Cadagua was awarded the operation and mainteinance for 3 years with 1 year extensions up to a maximum of 3 by the Consejo Insular de Aguas de Tenerife.

The facility consists of a screening system, grease and sand removal, lammela clarification and biological filtration using biocarbon, and sludge treatment using centrifuges. A unique feature of the plant is that it is enclosed and operates in a tourist area, and so an important factor is the odour, for which a chemical deodorisation system has been installed.

Type of treatment

WWTP with Biofilters – BIOCARBON technology.

Main features

Location: Tenerife, Spain

Capacity: 15.000 m3/day