WWTP that treats the waters of the city of Oviedo and has a maximum capacity 1.95 m3/sec.

It has a flexible designed of the biological process that enables it to operate under different configurations: MLE, Phoredox, UCT, modified UCT and JHB.

The facility has a sludge thermal drying system with an evaporation capacity of 2.14 Ton H2O/hour using a Centidry system that combines dewatering and thermal drying in one single unit, the heat of which comes from a cogeneration unit with natural gas motors of an installed power of 3×1358 Kw.

Type of treatment

Primary, Biological treatment of activated sludge with elimination of N and P, Thermal Drying of Sludge, Electrical Cogeneration.

Main features

Location: Asturias, Spain

Equivalent population: 400.000

Capacity: 116.640 m3/day

Year: July 2002 to Feb 2013