Cadagua created its own R+D+i department in 1995 in order to offer the best solutions at all our plants.

The research work of our specialist technicians in new processes and systems, and the collaboration with the most prestigious research centres in the world has enable Cadagua to stay at the forefront of the latest technologies; covering everything from basic laboratory research to studies in pilot plants and their industrial applications.

The achievements made in research with simulators and pilot installations that are directly applied to the design of our plants has optimised overall output and operational and maintenance costs.

Innovation is a strategic tool that responds to the global challenges faced by the infrastructures sector. That is why we promote constant and systematic innovation, through projects that aim to create wealth sustainably, improving our productivity and supporting socio-economic development.

All this is done with an expenditure of 1.5% of yearly turnover given over to R+D+i.