Own Technologies

One result of Cadagua’s research and development work is that the company has registered trademarks related to water technologies such as BIOSEC® and FERROAQUA®.


Thermo-chemical process for treating sludge from waste water treatment plants (WWTP) and other organic waste with energy recovery.


Platform with the target of centralizing the information of the different water treatment plants that we currently operate in the company. The data is collected in a central system that will support a new operating center to perform an integral management of the service we provide to our customers.


Chain has its own technology for the anaerobic treatment of municipal sewage sludge.The Registered Heatamix system is composed of a series of mixing and heating units. The mixing is carried out by means of an “air-lift” effect by injection of biogas and heating by hot water in an outer jacket to the mixing tube. Its efficiency, advantages and robustness have been widely proven in more than 55 digesters in multiple municipal treatment plants with reactor volumes of up to 11,000 m³. Among its most notable advantages:

  • Absence of moving elements within the digesters
  • Absence of submerged bearings
  • Great mixing efficiency
  • High heating efficiency as it is not necessary to extract the sludge from the digester to exchangers located in a separate building
  • Lower energy consumption to avoid the pumping and transfer of sludge