Seawater Desalination Experimental Platform

The aim of developing this experimental platform was to gain more knowledge into the bases of the processes being studied, and to obtain sufficiently rigorous data to enable technical and economic evaluations that permit changes of scale to be made at industrial levels.

The studies show the potential for innovation presented by this technology, as well as the possibilities of carrying out new developments to generally optimise the water desalination process using reverse osmosis.

Conventional physical-chemical pre-treatment pilot plant of 384 m³/day made up of the following processing units:

  • Chemical product dosing
  • Hydraulic flocculation
  • Lamellar settling
  • Dual pressure filters

Ultra-Filtration Pilot Plant as pre-treatment with RO (432 m³/day) made up of:

  • Screen filter
  • Ultra-filtration (24 units of aerated spiral wound membranes)
  • Reagents dosing system
  • Cleaning system

Reverse Osmosis Pilot Plant to treat 384 m³/day of seawater made up of:

  • Cartridge filter
  • Reagents dosing system
  • First stage of reverse osmosis via 2 modules equipped with 7 membranes
  • Second stage of reverse osmosis via 2 modules equipped with 14 and 7 spiral wound membranes respectively for a 2 stage service
  • Membrane cleaning system
  • Elimination of Boron using selective ion exchange resins of 60 m³/day
  • Remineralisation system made up of calcite filter with a treatment capacity of 144 m3/day