Corporate Social Responsibility

Cadagua, as a subsidiary of Ferrovial, is committed to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the UN, and it is actively involved in the community by developing and implementing social programmes that significantly improve people’s lives. Within these programmes should be pointed out an international cooperation programme called “Social Infrastructures Programme” whose objective, since its setting up in 2011, is to improve and extend coverage and access to water for human consumption and basic sanitation among socially vulnerable collectives in Africa and Latin America.

The Social Infrastructures programme is a symbol of Cadagua’s commitment to participate in international cooperation projects as a stakeholder and not just as a donor. The company supports and finances water supply and sanitation projects for non-profit organisations operate in Africa and Latin America, and also provides technical support, technology and the participation of its employees in projects.

Results obtained (2011 – 2017)







Investment (€)

Of the 85 voluntary employees that have participated in this programme, 17 belong to Cadagua. That is 20% of the total number.