Health and Safety

One of the main aims of Cadagua is to maintain the health and safety of its workers and sub-contractors The most important thing is that we can all go home. The “0” accidents objective forms part of our company culture and is an integral part of our Occupational Health & Safety Policy.

Cadagua S.A., has its Own Prevention Service under the modality of a “Joint Prevention Service”, as per article 21 of Royal Decree 39/1997, concerning Prevention Services.

Since November 2002 Cadagua S.A. has subjected its Occupational Health & Safety System to Regulatory External Auditing; in accordance with the legal requirements established in Law 31/1995 on occupational health and safety; and has passed all the requirements established by legislation in force; as contained in the corresponding certificate issued by INPREMED Ingeniería y Prevención del Mediterráneo, S.L., which is a company certified by the appropriate labour authorities.

Likewise, in April 2008 it was certified with SGS ICS Ibérica S.A., a company certified by the appropriate labour authorities, in accordance with standard OHSAS 18.001, with the renewal of same on 8 April 2017 as stated in the certificate issued by the company SGS and which is valid until 8 April 2020. This Certificate of Health & Safety Management Systems of Companies enables organisations to control their occupational hazards and establish continuous improvements of performance in Occupational Health & Safety.