Integrated Management System

Cadagua has an Integrated Management System for Quality, the Environment, Energy and R&D&I that combines the requirements that are managed in combination. By doing so we make use of the company’s synergies by optimising human and technical costs and resources. The System complies with the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 and the Spanish standard UNE 166002, with regard to quality, the environment, energy and R&D&I respectively.

The System, which is highly preventive in nature, is based on a systematic control of those activities we carry out that might affect quality, the environment, energy and R&D&I:

  • Design, Construction, Assembly and Commissioning of Plants for Water Treatment and Thermal Drying of Biosolids.
  • Maintenance, Conservation and Operation of Plants for Water Treatment and Thermal Drying of Biosolids.
  • Quality Control of Waters Suitable for Human Consumption and of wastewater and industrial.
  • R&D&I in hydrology for quality of water and environmental engineering and technology for wastewater, water regeneration, drinking water and desalination.

The System is based on a Quality, Environment and Energy Policy and on an R&D&I Policy, which explain the commitments acquired by Cadagua for sustainable development, environmental protection, improvements in energy efficiency and encouraging development, and ensures that we achieve our objectives of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Cadagua is also committed to taking further steps towards improving its business management, and so in December 2010 the Madrid Foundation of Excellence awarded the company the Use Licence of the “Marca de Garantía Madrid Excelente“, which represents the overall quality of company management. In other words, the organisation is observed from all angles. Madrid Excelente recognises companies that are committed to innovation and constant improvement, social responsibility, the satisfaction of individuals and the active contribution towards economic and social development.