Carbon footprint

A key factor for Cadagua is the way the organisation responds to the challenges and opportunities of climate change in the short, medium and long term. Since 2009 Cadagua has measured 100% of the emissions of greenhouse gases produced by its activities in order to reduce its carbon footprint. It has established objectives to this end and every year Cadagua’s emissions are lower than the previous one.

To make this aim a reality, Cadagua has developed and implemented activities to reduce general and specific greenhouse gas emissions:

  • Inclusion of energy efficiency criteria when buying and subcontracting services.
  • Sustainable mobility strategies for company employees.
  • Improved energy efficiency of vehicle fleets, both industrial and passenger cars, along with training programmes to encourage efficient driving.
  • Use of less contaminating fuels.
  • Improved technology and operational processes to optimise the amount of avoided emissions.
  • Encouragement of purchasing of electricity from renewable sources.

Cadagua is aware of its responsibility and so it takes on the firm commitment to reduce emissions and the environmental impact of its activities. It also boosts the generation of new ideas and business models, to offer its clients and users innovative solutions with lower impacts.